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You can buy a subscription for Strawberry Prolog which includes the current version and all future versions including 4.0. When you buy this subscription then you will receive a  personal password which can be used to download all future versions including 4.0. The cost for this subscription for the moment is only $249 USD for the Professional edition and $98 USD for the Middle edition. Also you can use the student discount which we offer. For students this prices are $119 USD and $49 USD.

If you want to know more about the Professional Edition look at Differences between Light, Middle and Professional editions and What are the advantages of subscribing?

If you want to have the source code of the compiler then read this.

When you buy license for the Professional Edition or for the Source Code then in 24 hours we will send you by an e-mail your personal password and in a month by mail your license.
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Dimiter Dobrev
P.O.Box 1274
Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

If you send us a check, please send also an e-mail to

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name: Dimiter Dobrev
account: N 4113503711
United Bulgarian Bank
branch "Sveta Sofia" - 20078270
7A, Sveta Sofia Str.
Sofia, Bulgaria

If you make a bank transaction, please send also an e-mail to

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