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Here you can find the breaking news for
Strawberry Prolog

Logic Colloquium 2009 will take place be in Sofia in August 2009. Strawberry Prolog is one of the sponsors of this event. All participants of LC'2009 will receive free license for the Strawberry Prolog Middle edition.

The version 2.92 is 20% faster than the version 2.91.

The version 2.91 is the first one with a normal syntax. This means that from now on you will not have problems with syntax errors. Even if you make an error you will receive an explanation so detailed that you will not have any problems fixing it.

We have a special offer for schools and universities. For the symbolical price of $498 USD we offer professional edition group license for entire school (university). This license is for all version including 4.0. Even this gives the right to the students to use the software at home to do their homework and projects.

We made the free e-mail server Second-Box which is 100% protected from SPAM.

The greatest news in version 2.5 is the support of Unicode.

Another great news is that we made a formal definition of Artificial Intelligence and you can read it here.

The first chat written on Prolog is ready. You can visit it on our page.

We offer a support of Unix/Linux and Prolog CGI Scripts. You can play some games directly on our server as Prolog CGI Scripts (in Games page).

Strawberry Prolog already gives the possibility to build EXE files. These files contain not only the program but they include also information about their author, compiler ID and additional comments.

Strawberry Prolog version 1.0 was presented to both students and professors in the University of Sofia on 3 December 1998. Photographs and additional information about this event are provided for this Strawberry Prolog user who lives too far from Sofia and didnít succeed to join the party. You can see also the reaction of this event in the press.

We announce a contest for the game of the century. More information about it is given in Games page.

Soon Strawberry Prolog will become a share holding company and you can become a shareholder in it right now. If you are a shareholder then you are entitled to receive source code files of the compiler (for the moment a part of it). More information about this is included in Shares and Source Code.