Presentation of Strawberry Prolog version 1.0

There is a legend about the curse of the round versions. People say that one round version never works fine and if you want to use it then is better to wait until something appears after the point. Version 1.0 was our first round version and we met the problem of the round version for the first time. This version made so many bugs and problems that we had to change it for version 1.01 only one month later.

The problems of the round version were transferred to its presentation. It was made in the University of Sofia on 3 December 1998 and it starts with technical problems.

Here you can see our guests who had to wait for half an hour until we managed to start.



 We have to apologise that the photos are not very good. The reason is that there was not a professional photographer there and the pictures were taken by our colleagues. Our artist tried to repair them a little bit on the computer but this cannot fill the lack of a professional photographer.  Never mind, this was the smallest problem which we had on the presentation.

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