The Reaction in the Press

The reaction in the Bulgarian press was so strong that even we were astonished. The only reasonable explanation is that Bulgarian journalists have really noticeably quick reactions.

All quality computer magazines wrote about this event. Here you can see the notes which were published in the news section of "Personal Computer World - Bulgaria" and "PC Magazine - Bulgaria". In the both magazines this was the first news of the section.

The most popular computer magazine "COMPUTERWORLD" published two articles named "Prolog is coming back" and "Strawberry Prolog - An Example for Opened Development".

Even "Sega" - one of the most popular daily newspapers in Bulgaria wrote a short article about us. "Sega" is the third newspaper in circulation for Bulgaria.

Also in the February issue of an Italian programming review, called "Io programmo" (meaning "I program") has appeared a comment about Strawberry Prolog (the installation file of Strawberry Prolog is on the CD given with the review).