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Differences between Light, Middle and Professional editions

The Professional Edition of Strawberry Prolog is our higher edition which includes all facilities and tools. The main advantage of the Professional edition comparing the Middle one is the possibilities to create Prolog CGI scripts and to build EXE files. These EXE files are very small but they need an installation of the Light Edition of Strawberry Prolog for work. This cannot be a problem because this edition is very small in size and is free downloadable.

Professional edition of Strawberry Prolog is not freeware. If you want a password for it then you have to buy a license. We offer a subscription for all versions including 4.0.

The Middle Edition of Strawberry Prolog have complete functionality except creating of Prolog CGI scripts and EXE files. Like the Professional edition it is not freeware. We offer a subscription for all versions including 4.0.

There will be a second possibility to obtain the middle edition. We will give it as a shareware for one month together with the CD of some computer magazines. If you obtain the Middle edition from computer magazine then you have right to use it only for one month and only this version which is on the CD.

The Light  Edition of Strawberry Prolog is free but to download and use it you have to open a free e-mail box at Second-Box. This is the condition for use of the Light edition for Windows 98/Me. To use the Light edition for Windows XP/NT there is an additional condition to put $10 USD in your Second-Box wallet. Light edition has restricted functionality but its purpose is to represent the power of Strawberry Prolog and to canvass you to buy the higher version.

In the future the difference between the Light, Middle and Professional edition will grow. We will develop all editions but the Light one will serve only for giving an idea to the user what arethe advantages of Strawberry Prolog.