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Light Edition - Old versions


    If you don't have administrative rights:
    Download this file and unzip it somewhere (e.g. on the desktop). Inside the zip is the folder "Strawberry Prolog". You will start Strawberry by running Prolog.exe.

    If you want old version:
    Download the last build of version 6.0: Strawberry Prolog 6.0
    Download the last build of version 5.1: Strawberry Prolog 5.1
    Download the last build of version 5.0: Strawberry Prolog 5.0
    Download the last build of version 3.1: Strawberry Prolog 3.1
    Download the last build of version 3.0: Strawberry Prolog 3.0
    Older versions: Strawberry Prolog 2.92 for 7/Vista/XP (for 98/Me)

    Please, register in our database and become our registered user. If you give us your e-mail address we will send you a message when the next version is released.

Second Box

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After the registration we will make a Second-Box address for you. This free mail box is unattainable for SPAM.

Maybe you do not want to open an e-mail address at Second-Box because you already have many e-mail boxes and you cannot look after them all. Don't worry. This box is different. You do not need to look after it. You do not need to clean it from SPAM because nobody has ever seen SPAM letter in Second-Box! Also, you do not have to check one additional e-mail address because when you receive e-mail at your second box it will be forwarded to your first box e-mail which you are checking anyway.

If you want you can download even some of the oldest versions of Strawberry Prolog.