Entity: predicate

embed_server( )
embed_server(Arg1, ... , ArgN)

Creates an embeded ActiveX control.

Put inside the brackets only these arguments which you need. All other arguments will be set by default. The arguments may be any of the following (the order is not important).
handle(Handle) handle to this ActiveX control. 
parent(Parent) handle to the parent window.
class(Events_func) predicate which will proceed the events from the ActiveX server
pos(X,Y) coordinates of upper left corner
size(Width, Height)  size of the ActiveX control
server(Server)  Server Object or Server Name or Server Class ID
cp(ConnectionPoint)  The name of the connection point which events you want to receive. Use _ if you want to receive the events from all connection points.

This predicate is similar to the predicate button but it embeds ActiveX object instead of a button.

If you have OLE server (ActiveX object) which is created by the function server you can use the predicate embed_server in order to embed this OLE server in a window. In this case, the Server has to be a server object. If you use arguments Events_func and ConnectionPoint you will change the values which were set at the time of creation by server function.

This use of the predicate embed_server is shown in the sample Media Player.spj.

If you have not created OLE server yet you can create it and embed it in a window by the predicate embed_server. In this case the arguments Server, Events_func and ConnectionPoint are similar to the arguments of server function.

This use of the predicate embed_server is shown in the sample IE.spj.

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 Media Player.spj