Entity: predicate

window( )
window(Arg1, ... , ArgN)

Creates an overlapping window.

Put inside the brackets only these arguments which you need. All other arguments will be set by default. The arguments may be any of the following (the order is not important).
handle(Handle) handle to this window. 
parent(Parent) handle to the parent window.
class(Win_func) predicate which will receive window messages
title(Title) the window title
pos(X,Y) coordinates of upper left corner
size(Width, Height)  size of the window
icon(Icon)  set icon to the window
cursor(Cursor)  set cursor to the window
backgr(Backgr)  set backgr to the window
minimized, maximized, normal  flags for the window status (the default status is normal)
clean_before_paint, paint_indirectly  flags for the way the window is painted
h_scroll, v_scroll  if you need to add scroll bars
title, sys_menu, border, thick_frame  other window flags.
These flags are default on. Try to switch them off with "not"
double_clicks  this flag you have to set on if you want the window to receive the message "double_click".


?-window( title("Line demo"), size(220, 240), not(sys_menu) ).

win_func(paint):-line(0,0,200,200), line(0,200,200,0).

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