Strawberry Prolog Help
version 6.1

How To ...

Install and Uninstall Strawberry Prolog
Obtain next versions
Move from old versions to this one
Recognize your Strawberry Prolog guide  :-)


Built-In predicates
Built-In predicates (Alphabetical list)
Errors and Warnings
Objects and Special Types
Strawberry Prolog Tutorial
Special files
Example programs
What is specific in Strawberry Prolog syntax?

Advanced Language Structures

Define functions and Built-in predicates
Define and use arrays
Use Global variables
Make Prolog CGI Scripts
Develop AI
Use OLE Automation - COM and ActiveX
Call Strawberry Prolog as OLE server
Work with databases through ODBC


File menu
Edit menu
Run menu
Trace menu
Options menu
Tools menu
Window menu
Help menu

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