How to develop AI

AI is the main goal in Strawberry Prolog development. If you want to know more about our work in this direction then first you have to read our Definition of AI. After that go to AI folder where you will find two artificial worlds. Try to understand these worlds alone. This is important because these worlds are intelligence tests which we will use to distinguish AI from other programs. It is important for you to know how difficult are these tests.

When you finish with this preparation then you can look at the programs which pretend to be AI (they are in the same folder). Actually this programs do not cover the definition of AI because they cannot cope well even in these simple example worlds and we cannot hope that they will cope well in arbitrary world. Anyway we think that this programs are not so far from AI as it looks like.

We will give a free license of Strawberry Prolog professional edition to anyone who offers an essential improvement to the program AI 2. Actually, this means that we offer prize for the inventor of AI which is software of value estimated at $249 USD. Of course, this seems to be too small prize for such a great discovery but the reason for such stinginess is our believe that it is better if AI will never be invented.

Maybe you will be surprised by the fact that we continue to develop AI despite this believe. The reason is our conviction that the creation of AI is something unavoidable. Really, AI will decide some smaller problems like terrorism and global worming but AI will be a much bigger disaster than this problems. Now we are in the situation of the citizens of Hiroshima sixty years ago who couldn't imagine that one invention would change dramatically their lives in a few years. AI will change dramatically your life (I mean your life, not your children's or grandchildren's life). AI will affect all the humanity despite the nuclear weapons which changed the life mainly of the citizens of Hiroshima. AI is worse than the nuclear bomb because many think that it is something good but all know that the bomb is a bad thing.

This is not the next science fiction about the revolt of robots. The reason for the disaster is much simpler and it is that we will lose the need to think and to work. Maybe at the moment you do not see any danger of this. Actually, everyone dreams to become a millionaire and to stop work until the end of their life. Anyway, this will be the end of the evolution but not our end. We will continue to live but our life will be extremely boring.

The idea to make an artificial man is very old and beautiful one. The question is what we will do with the real people which we have enough. Really, the artificial man will be better than the real but this is more disadvantage than advantage.

After all this arguments maybe your enthusiasm to create AI has decreased but you cannot stop the progress and for you it will be better if you invent AI instead of someone else.

Look at the predicates for direct database manipulation which are very useful for AI applications.