Entity: predicate

animate( )
animate(Arg1, ... , ArgN)

Creates an animation control.

Put inside the brackets only these arguments which you need. All other arguments will be set by default. The arguments may be any of the following (the order is not important).
handle(Handle) handle to this animation control. 
parent(Parent) handle to the parent window.
class(Animate_func) predicate which will receive the messages from this animation control.
file(File) the file which contains the animation.
This is a string containing a path to an AVI file. Unfortunately not all AVI files are suitable for animation controls. This is because of some restrictions in MS Windows. Most of the AVI files which you can find will not work with animation control. For creating proper AVI file use Video for Windows SDK.
pos(X,Y) coordinates of upper left corner


?-window( title("Animation control demo") ).

  animate( file("res/Dillo.avi"), pos(50, 50) ).

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