(ONLY for Professional edition)

Connection is mysql_connect(Host, UserName, Password)
opens a connection to MYSQL server on Host using UserName and Password.

mysql_select_db(Connection, DB_Name)
selects the database DB_Name from MYSQL server

mysql_query(Connection, Query)
executes the Query on selected database on the MYSQL server (For example "select * from Table")

Result is mysql_store_result(Connection)
stores the Result from the execution of the Query (ONLY for "select" queries)

mysql_fetch_row(Row, Result)
returns the next Row from the MYSQL Result.

Number is mysql_num_fields(Result)
returns the Number of the fields from returned MYSQL Result.

Field is field(Row, INT)
returns the INT field from the Row.

frees the MYSQL Result.

Number is mysql_num_fields(Connection)
returns the number of the fields returned from executing of a query.

checks if the end of the result returned from a query is reached.

closes the MYSQL Connection.