Settings of Project dialog box
You can set the settings of the current project (file with extension SPJ).

Default Project Settings
You can set the settings of all files with the extension PRO.


Fix First Random Number
Causes the system to generate the same pseudo-random number sequence every time. This is useful when debugging a program that use random numbers. Otherwise if the program displayed some suspicious behavior with some fixed random sequence, it possibly will not do so with another. When you play a game with random numbers this option have to be switched off. Otherwise in all games will be happening the same things.

Automatically Prolonged Stack
Enables the dynamic increasing of the stack.

Stack Full as Fail
Causes the Stack Full event to be regarded as a failure of the current goal, The use of this option can make the work of your program looking rather strange!

Use Default Memory
Use memory settings of the default project.

Use Default Font
Use font settings of the default project.

Change Window Font
Opens the characters dialog window to change the font of the text window of the project itself or to change the default window font.


In this dialog box you can select files which you want to be compiled after the main program. Instead of adding files in this list you can use the directive include. Also you can change the default ADD and DEF files but be careful, after that the program may stop functioning correctly.

Break Point

Gives you the possibility to put a break point in your program and make it active or passive. This break point is on step number. This is one possibility, unique for Strawberry Prolog, that you do not have in other languages or other Prolog compilers. If you want to put a break point in the body of a clause then use the built-in predicate trace .


Size of the Stack The size of the goals stack.
Variables (in K) The total number of variables that can be allocated in K (X1024).
Linking Memory The size of Linking memory in Kb. (it is used in execution like the Stack).

Use SD buttons (Set Default) to set to default value. The start value is the value at the opening of the compiler. At the moment is the value of the current moment and Maximum is the value which cannot be exceeded.

EXE File

In this dialog you can select the attributes of the EXE file which will be generated from the project. You can choose its icon and its file name and location. Also you can add comments which will be included in the EXE file. You can choose do you like the ADD file to be included in the project. If you use the Standard.add and Standard.def files then you do not have to include it and in this way you can make the EXE file smaller.

CGI Scripts

When you debug a SGI Script in the Strawberry Prolog environment then you need to specify what it will receive with method Get and with method Post. Also if you want to debug a console program which takes its arguments from the command row then you have to specify this arguments. For more information look at Prolog CGI Scripts.