Game of the Century

Here are the winners of our contest for the Game of the Century.

Checkers - Borislav Rizov - First prize ($1000 USD)
Same game - Vassil Ilinski - Second prize ($500 USD)

Ten encouragement prizes (which grant a free license for Strawberry Prolog version 2.0 or if the winner has already got such a license then the alternative is  $250 USD

Game 6x7 - Hristo Ionchev, Petar Petrov and Mila Kacarova
Matches - Strashimir Popvassilev
Hangman - Stanislav Mihailov and Milko Boiadjiev
Labyrinth - Boris Jordev
Reversy - Hristo Ganchev
Five Balls - Rosica Panaiotova
Don't be angry - Vesela Petkova and Juliana Dacheva
The Puzzle Fifteen - Zornica Angelova
Memory Blocks - Ivo Savov
Fire - Silvia Kirilova Savova

All this games are included in the examples of Strawberry Prolog.

All winners have the right to choose between to take money price or to take share with a discount ($0.50 each) equal to their price.