How is the game played?
Click with the mouse on the piece you want to move to. It is important in which part of the piece’s square you will click because this will give the direction of the movement.

Picking is obligatory, so if you have the possibility to pick with one piece, you are not allowed to move another instead of picking.

The computer is your opponent. You  will have to wait for a few seconds for it to think out its respondent  move.

You have the right to move only diagonally. Picking is possible only when you hop your opponent's piece. You can pick in a chain, that is to say, you can successively hop a few pieces for a move.

When you reach the last line your pawn will become a king. This is not a big deal, because he is a pawn like all the others, only that apart from moving forward it can also move backwards. Unlike the king, the pawn can move only forward, but it can pick from all directions.

The aim of the game is to mop up all pieces of your opponent. If some of the players is blocked and cannot make any move then the game is draw.

Checkers is a game almost as famous as Chess. World championships are organised and world champions are distinguished. It is interesting that Checkers is easier for the computer than Chess. People have been losing from the computer when playing this game from many years, and, until  recently a computer called Deep Blue has been created and it defeated the Chess world champion.

This program has been written by Borislav Rizov (computer science  student at the University of Sofia). With it he won the competition of Strawberry Prolog for game of the millennium. The author of this manual is Dimiter Dobrev.

Good Luck
We wish you to have fun with this game and if you lose, it means that you either have bought a too good computer, or, the reason is in the one who grins at you from the mirror. In both cases- don't lose heart.

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