Web-sites connected with Strawberry Prolog

Logic Programming Archive at Oxford Comlab
Object-Oriented Language: Prolog with Mirror
ZD Net   look at What Ever Happened to... Prolog?
Brock University   look at  Expert Systems
COLE   look at COLE: sites about Logic Programming
CCISM Home Page at Athabasca University  look at  Comp 456
in Artificial Intelligence  look at Beginner's Resources (A Definition of AI) and look at Prolog
Mining Co. Guide to artificial intelligence  look at Expert Systems
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory look at Neuro Science and at Biological Intelligence and at Cognitive Systems
Neural Networks Links
Yahoo look at Prolog
Code Box  look at  Prolog
The Mandarax Project  look at  Links
Materiale Didattico - this site is in Italian.
Grammar Web Server - this site is in Bulgarian.
Neuron look at Miscellaneous
homepage of Seng-Whan Yoon - this site is in Korean.
homepage von Lutz Herrmann  look at  interessante Links
Wilhelm Weisweber  look at  Prolog-Praktikum: Informationen zu Prolog
Thomas Labisch's Home Page  look at  Free Prolog Implementations
Charles Schultz, Jr.  look at MTB1313
Links to some computer stuff with Mirror
Gyuvetch.BG - this site is in Bulgarian.
Miguel Angel Alonso Pardo   look at  Miguel A. Alonso Pardo's Bookmarks
Hana Rudova  look at Hana Rudova's Bookmarks
Language - this site is in Spanish
Complete Contents List
CHEM -- 3D Molecular Geometry
URLs of Prolog Systems
Recursos de Informática en Internet
Languages - this site is in Spanish
Jonathan G Campbell WWW Links for: Prolog
FAQ's of comp.lang.prolog 1
FAQ's of comp.lang.prolog 2
Logic Programming
Logic and (concurrent) constraint programming
FAQ for Comp.Lang.Functional
Nerd World
Hector Gabriel Lugo Guevara look at  My Favorite Links
Neural Network and Artificial Intelligence- this site is in Russian
Alexander Chalucov's home page look at  Links
Slava Petukhin's Logic Programming Page look at  Logic Programming Systems
Computists International look at here and here and here and here
The Cyborg Syllabus look at The Prolog Programming Language