Strawberry Chat Help

This is the first Chat written on Prolog. It is made as Strawberry Prolog CGI script. In this chat you can discuss questions about the language Prolog and its applications. Please, write only in English and only about questions connected with Prolog.

Every Monday and Thursday we have meeting in the Chat Room. The time for this meeting is:
from 11 PM to 12 PM EET (Eastern Europe Time) - Sofia, Helsinki, Kiev, Athens
from 10 PM to 11 PM CET (Central Europe Time) - Paris, Rome, Berlin, Oslo, Madrid
from 9 PM to 10 PM GMT, WET (Western Europe Time) - London, Dublin, Reykjavik
from 4 PM to 5 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) - New York, Miami, Boston, Montreal
from 1 PM to 2 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) - San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver

If there is no one to speak in the chat room then you can write to Fanfan. He is our artificial chat fellow. He also is created in Strawberry Prolog but he is not very intelligent yet.

Another good place for discussions about Prolog is the news group comp.lang.prolog. We recommend this news group as a place where you can find expert help and where you can read interesting discussions about the present and future of the language Prolog.

To log in the chat you have to be subscribed in our database. The easiest way to do this is to press the button Subscribe and to fill in the Sign Up Form your name, e-mail and the password field (other fields you can leave blank). After subscribing you will receive e-mails on every new version release of Strawberry Prolog (these are two or three e-mails per year). Your name and e-mail will be visible when you are in the chat (even if you did not check the checkbox named "Make public my e-mail"). If you have already subscribed but you donít know your password then press the button "Send me my password".

SubscribeEditUnsubscribeSend me my passwordStrawberry Prolog

If your screen is big then choose the button Big or choose the button Small if your screen is smaller. If your choice is wrong then you can change this later by the buttons Smaller and Bigger.

When you login you can select the color that will be used to write your name in the chat. When you write a message you can select the color of the text of your message and the picture which will appear on the end of your message. If you want to include a picture inside of your message then write #N in your message, where N is the number of the picture which you want to be included.

Here is the list of all possible picture and their numbers:
#1  Smile #2  Heart
#3  Question #4  Lamp
#5  Strawberry #6  Flash
#7  Angry #8  Exclamation

When you write a message you can change the seconds for refreshing of the chat window and the number of messages that will be displayed in this window. The number of seconds can be between 10 and 99. The number of messages can be between 1 and 99. If you want to change this numbers without sending a message then leave the message box empty. The empty messages are ignored.

If you want to make a quick refresh of the message window or of the users' window then press one of the Refresh buttons. (The time for refresh of the users window is three times bigger than the refresh time of the message window.)

If you want to write a personal message then press the arrow that is before the name of the person to whom you want to send a personal message. After this all of your messages will be visible only for this person (and for yourself, of course). If  you want to write to everybody again then press the arrow in front of the All (the first row of the users' window). Even you can send a personal message to yourself. Of course, there is no sense to do this, except if you want to test the chat.