Windows and Drawing

Windows and Controls creation:

window creates an overlapping window
edit creates an edit control
button creates a button control
check_box creates a check box control
radio_button creates a radio button control
static creates a static label
group_box creates a group box control
bitmap creates a bitmap control
icon creates an icon control
animate creates an animation control
list_box creates a list box control
   Methods of the list box
tree_box creates a tree box control
   Methods of the tree box
embed_server embeds an ActiveX control

Windows and Controls use:

parent gets the parent window handle of the argument window
update_window updates the drawings in the window
get_text gets the text value of a control (window)
set_text sets the text value of a control (window)
size gets a window's size
set_size sets a window's size
pos gets a window's position
set_pos sets a window's position
client_size gets the size of window's client area
client_pos gets position of the window's client area
press_button presses button at given position
change_style changes the stile of a Window
enable_window Enables/Disables a window object
paint_rect gets the rectangle which needs to be repainted
message_flags gets the status of the buttons


menu creates a menu item
modify_menu modifies the menu item


get_check_box_value gets the value of a checkbox
set_check_box_value sets the value of a checkbox

Edit methods:

add_text adds a text into edit box
get_selected_text gets the selected text from an edit box
get_selection gets the selection text into an edit box
set_selection sets the selection text into an edit box
copy_in_edit copies the selected text into the clipboard
paste_in_edit pastes the selected text from the clipboard
cut_in_edit cuts the selected text


line draws a line
fill_polygon draws a polygon
bezier_line draws a Bézier curve
ellipse draws an ellipse
draw_chord draws a chord
draw_pie draws a pie
draw_arc draws an arc
rect draws a rectangle
round_rect draws a round rectangle
text_out draws a rectangle with a text
bitmap_image creates a bitmap object
draw_bitmap draws a bitmap image in a window
draw_point draws a point or takes the color of a point

Fonts, colors, pens and backgrounds:

pen gets/sets the current pen
brush sets the filling color
color_text sets the text color
color_text_back sets the text background
window_brush sets a window's background color
system_color gets system color
rgb creates a color by its RGB value (Red, Green, Blue)
select_color invokes a Select Color dialog box
select_font invokes a Select Font dialog box


set_timer creates a timer object
kill_timer kills a timer object


get_clipboard_data gets the clipboard data
set_clipboard_data sets the clipboard data