>>, <<, /\, \/, xor, \
Entity: functions

R is Number >> Shift
R is Number << Shift
R is Arg1 /\ Arg2
R is Arg1 \/ Arg2
R is Arg1 xor Arg2
R is \Argument

Bitwise functions

>> shifts right all bits
<< shift left all bits

This functions shift all bits of the Number in Shift positions (left or right). The positions which after that will be free will be set to zero.

For example 6>>2=:=1 and 6<<2=:=24.

/\ bitwise and function
\/ bitwise or function
xor bitwise xor function
\ bitwise not function

This functions make the corresponding logic operation between all bits of the arguments. For example 7/\13=:=5 because bits 1 and 4 are in 7 and in 13 but bit 8 is only in 13 like the bit 2 which is only in 7 (7=:=4+2+1, 13=:=8+4+1 and 5=:=4+1).