Prolog compiler developed in Sofia University
By Natasha Marinova

7 December, 1998

A compiler of the programming language Prolog, named Strawberry Prolog, was demonstrated by Dimiter Dobrev in Sofia University on December 3rd 1998. Mr. Dobrev has been developing his compiler for six years and is still working for its optimisation. The already completed system can be used to solve a wide range of problems. It has a good consumer interface suitable for beginners.

" This is not the first Prolog compiler made in Sofia University", Mr. Dobrev explained. Unfortunately there is no continuity between the previously created and the present one. Therefore it was decided to launch a formal promotion of the product so at least those people working in the field can get familiar with each other.

Prolog is a language which creates short programmes. The realisations created so far are of a narrower specialisation. Mr. Dobrev's desire is to create a version allowing applications for various areas.

Information about Strawberry Prolog can be found on the following address: . Sells of the product are already a fact in Canada, Sweden, Great Britain and USA.