Help for Users Registration

You can register in our database and become our registered user. You can do this by filling the short form in the download center or if you have more time then fill the extended form.

Why to register?
If you become our registered user then we will inform you by e-mail for the new version releases of Strawberry Prolog. Also we will create for you a protected e-mail address which will give you the possibility to contact with other Strawberry Prolog users without any problems with SPAM. You can make your profile public and to give the possibility to other people to find you and to contact with you.

Filling the Extended Form.
The only information you have to fill in this form is the e-mail address. All other fields can be blank.

How to set the check boxes?
Save this login information on this computer.
We recommend that you check this check box. If you do so then we will put on your computer a cookie with your name and e-mail. From that time when you read our site we will recognize you and will help you as much as we can.

Make public this information.
We recommend that you check this check box too. Don't worry your e-mail address will not become public. If you want you can contact with other Strawberry Prolog users by your Second Box address. If you check this box then anyone can find you by the Search button.

The password field
You can fill this field with any string. This string will be your password for editing of your registration information.

Warning: You can use this password to edit your record as registered user or to enter in our chat room. If you want to download the Professional or the Middle Edition of Strawberry Prolog then you will need another password. To obtain such password go to Passwords.

The Edit Form.
You can edit your registration at any time. For editing of your record your e-mail will be your user ID and you will need also your password. If you donít know the password then go to Send me my password and we will send it to you immediately on your e-mail.

Send me my password
Give us your e-mail and we will send to you your password on this e-mail.

The Search Form
You can search through the registered users who made their name public. In the search form you can select what kind of users you are looking for.

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